Monday, February 8, 2016

The future of technology

Technology has been significantly progressing in the last decades and learning the recent conditions, it is positive that technology will be more advanced in the next few decades. The evidence of the growing technology will be visible and with a great effort to make innovation, the life can be so different within coming 30 years or so.

Thus, here are some predictions about what would be happening in the future based on the mathematical equations and estimation from many popular scientific minds. These predictions also include the scheduled timelines and the role of future technology.

In 2012, it is predicted that there will be some important happenings take place, for example the completion of the international space station, the Mars science laboratory land on Mars, Windows 8 is released, and Google+ will leapfrog Twitter in Member accounts.

In 2013, the predictions are that Gaia Mission will be launched, 4G becomes standard, product that making use Memristor technology are available, and 14 nanometer chip are mass produced. Whereas in 2014, internet will outreach televisions in US, robotic mules work for military, PS 4 launched by Sony, and Hadron Collider reaches maximum operating power.

Meanwhile, it is in the year 2015 that Masdar City completes first phase, scientists find a way to clone the DNA of Wooly Mammoth, Lunar tourism emerges and offer a trip to the moon with $150 million ticket for each person, the new horizons Pluto Probe arrives on Pluto, and Google+ eclipses facebook in total users.

In the following year which is 2016, the world first space hotel will be launched and Holographic versatile discs or HVDS replace Blu-rays. In 2017, the possibility of teleporting of molecules is finally come.

In 2018, scientists will already be able to drill into the earth’s mantle, computer break the exaflop barrier, appliances used every day will be connected to internet and cars and more items as well, devices with 100GB bit per sec transfer rates will be available.

These are a little prediction to happen in some coming years, there are apparently more to see.

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